About Us

Welcome to Whiteleas Farm

Whiteleas Farm is home to the prizewinning "Stamullen" Holstein Friesian dairy herd, owned by Brendan & Mary Meade. We have a high-EBI herd of 176 spring-calving cows and pride ourselves on our milk quality, with exceptional levels of milk fat and proteins (milk solids). The average herd EBI is €216 (April 2020).

Our milk deliveries to Lakeland Dairies for 2019 were 1,046,484lts, with 20,000lts fed to calves. With a creamery weighted average BF of 4.38% & Pr of 3.79% the cows are producing 560kgs of combined fat & protein.

We specialise in high-quality grass production over 83 hectares (54.65 ha in Whiteleas, plus 28.34 rented locally). The farm is situated in East Meath, the driest area of Ireland, with a 30 year average rainfall of 732 mm. This mild climate allows for an extended grazing season, with our dairy cows grazing outside for ten months of each year.