Welcome to Whiteleas Farm

Whiteleas Farm is home to the prizewinning "Stamullen" Holstein Friesian dairy herd, owned by Brendan Meade. We have a high-EBI herd of 156 spring-calving cows and pride ourselves on our milk quality, with exceptional levels of milk fat and proteins (milk solids).
The average herd EBI is €205 (April 2015).

Our expected deliveries for 2015 should be approximately 900,000 L, with an expected recorded 305 day milk yield of  6574 L at 4.40% B.F. & 3.65% Pr.

We specialise in high-quality grass production over 83 hectares (54.65 ha in Whiteleas, plus 28.34 rented locally). The farm is situated in East Meath, the driest area of Ireland, with a 30 year average rainfall of 732 mm. This mild climate allows for an extended grazing season, with our dairy cows grazing outside for ten months of each year and our young stock on pasture full time.